Environment & Recycling

D W Cases are committed to our environmental policy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Corrugated packaging is made from a natural and renewable resource and is fully recyclable.

Forestry commissions' sustainability programmes ensure softwood tree growth rate actually exceeds felling. In North America 1.7 million new trees are planted every day ensuring the future supply of trees which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere combating the greenhouse effect.

Hardwood trees from the equatorial rain forests are unsuitable for the manufacturing of corrugated paper.

All corrugated is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

All our corrugated waste along with other companies and local authorities corrugated is collected and recycled back into the system.

To recycle corrugated it is first soaked in water to release the cellulose fibres. The resulting pulp is then pressed into sheets and dried. Although the fibres get shorter each time they are pulped, corrugated can be recycled up to five times before they disintegrate.

80% of our packaging is made from recycled paper. It is of course possible to manufacture boxes which are made entirely from recycled materials.

Other ways of recycling corrugated include composting, animal bedding and home insulation. It is also being used for the manufacture of corrugated coffins. Cardboard is also a good component in the developing area of waste to energy creating power from waste products.

D W Cases will continue to strive for the best eco-friendly solutions available for packaging today. In doing this, we will be endeavouring to protect the environment for tomorrow.

Made from a natural and renewable resource

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